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  烟台香榭丽舍酒业有限公司坐落于我国唯一的葡萄与葡萄酒城 — 烟台市。烟台地区得天独厚的气候、土壤与光照条件使之成为中国优质酿酒葡萄产区。香榭丽舍酒业有限公司在秉承葡萄酒酿制传统的基础上,引入现代国际新技术,专注于高档葡萄酒的开发。



   Yantai Champs Elysees Wine Co., Ltd is located in Yantai City , honored as the unique city of grape and wine in China . Being richly endowed by climate, soil and illumination environment. Yantai becomes a premium vintage area. On the base of traditional grape vintage methods, Champs Elysees Wine Co., Ltd absorbs modern international new technologies and contributes to the development of top grade wine.

   Champs Elysees Wine Co., Ltd pursues peculiar style. Deity series wine is characteristic of obvious delicately sweet. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, several sorts of wine were adored by the noblewomen in the upper class in Paris , France . Some noblewomen always designated their servants to purchase the wine in the remote countryside riding the carriage, in order to enjoy their favorite wine. It deduced a Chinese typical story in France : While a hurtling horse was passing by, the queen pleased with a smile, however, no one knew that because of the arrival of the lychee. Champs Elysee Wine Co., Ltd successfully assimilates the style of these brands wine and elaborately produces Deity series wine. Their styles are similar with the wine made in Bordeaux , but different from the wine made in Burgundy , which are firm. They are very popular among ladies.

   Derive from French classic and romance; Deity Dry Wine, Lady First!

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